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South West Food & Drink

South West Food and Drink C.I.C are a long standing client of Cosmic. They recognised that the site we made for them 3 years ago, was now starting to show it's age and did not fit with the organisations new direction.

Cosmic redesigned and upgraded the website so it was more clean and clear, a restructured navigation and allocation of content has carried the clean look through to clean usability and the end result is a huge improvement on the old.

South West Food & Drink understands the importnace of the food and drink industry in the South West. They work within the sector to generate more jobs and business to build a stronger local economy.

"We were looking to update our website to a more modern, less fussy looking appearance, with easier navigation and more intuitive navigation through better use of colour schemes. We also wanted the site to be more adaptable to view on portable devices and to be linked to our social media accounts.

We had an initial meeting with Pete to discuss our needs and how we wanted the site to develop. Pete gave us some options and made a number of suggestions to help improve the overall look and feel. Throughout the process we were kept informed of progress and we could also log on to the development site to see how it was coming along. We picked out the photos for the home page and Pete and the team did the rest.

The whole process was very relaxed from our perspective. The Cosmic team did all the hard work and checked with us when we were needed to make decisions or provide information. We were kept fully informed all the way through and given suggestions and help to make the website the best it could be. The choice of CMS means that our site is totally under our control and very quick/easy to update.

The result was a re-designed and fresh looking website that is much cleaner and intuitive to use. It is fully integrated with our social media feeds and has enabled us to present our various business strands in a way which is very user friendly. We have had numerous comments from partners and users that the site is much improved and easier to use. The process of putting it together also has helped us to refine our offering and remove a good deal of extraneous material that had built up on the previous site.""

"We have used Cosmic since 2009 and have continually been impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the team, as well as their ability to get the job done with minimum fuss. It is always a pleasure to work with companies whose values and professionalism set them apart from the herd and Cosmic fall into that category”.

Nick Cork from South West Food & Drink