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01/10/21 - 31/03/22

Exeter City Council and COSMIC are working in partnership to deliver a 6-month business support project, Digital Boost Exeter.  

Digital Boost Exeter

Digital Boost Exeter offers free, fully funded digital skills training to all businesses based in the Exeter City Council area, until March 31 2022. 

A broad range of high-quality, digital skills training is available right now. 

We provide 1:1 digital skills training and advice tailored specifically to your business’s needs.   

We also offer an extensive range of valuable digital training workshops designed to increase your digital skills and know how. Topics include: 

  • Principles of Website Design  

  • E-Commerce 

  • Google Analytics

  • Productivity, Collaboration and Remote Working with Microsoft 365

To sign up to this free support, you simply need to email or call 03300 883005 letting us know that you are a business (including charities, CICs and social enterprises) based in Exeter, UK. 

You can find out more about the project, and our upcoming workshops, here.

Join us, and get the DIGITAL BOOST that your business needs!