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Digital Skills Development

We offer the ability to train people at all levels of the digital compentency scale: from Access to Expert. 

The trainers and consultants at Cosmic have devised a Digital Skills Framework that supports businesses needing to upskill their staff in all manner of professions. We can work with you to develop and understanding of your training needs; to build a competency framework and to identify the Digital DNA of your workforce. 

From basic IT operational skills, through to attitudes, behaviours and understanding - Cosmic can work with your teams to support the full range of personal and professional development. We don't just focus on teaching the fundamental IT skills: we believe that staff should be able to continue their learning and development even after we have finished work with you. Therefore, we can help you to develop ongoing learning platforms and resources for continual learning and troubleshooting. 

Please get in touch to find out how we can help your organisation.

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