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Programme Overview

Here you can find a general overview of the Leaders programme.

What you will learn

  • How to ensure your business gains a digital competitive advantage
  • Use of digital to help streamline processes and enhance productivity
  • Using digital to embrace change management
  • Gain the ability to recognise and embrace new technologies and future 

In-House Programmes

  • Workshops tailored to fit your Board & Executive 
  • Menu of content focussed on strategic, transformational and key operations
  • Facilitation of board away days
  • Planning and Strategy reviews
  • A chance to challenge leadership and test new structures

The Digital Challenge 

The programme offers a unique challenge for each of our learners:

  • We challenge you to undertake a project for your business that encourages adoption of the learning taken place
  • The project involves strategic planning and developments, as well as focusing on your own use of digital to improve communications, collaboration, and work management.

Your Digital Challenge provides a source of motivation and experimentation – complete with lots of support, ideas and inspiration from the Cosmic team. The result is that from day one of the Digital Leadership Programme, you will be working on real life projects that have the potential to change the course and fortune of your organisation. 

We are happy to tailor the structure of our programmes to suit your needs. Please get in touch to find out more: [email protected]