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Senior Digital Skills Advisor (Special Projects) – Positive People (Devon and Somerset)

I provide management and supervision to the training delivery staff and oversee relationships with key stakeholders on the positive people project. Our team provides a high-quality training delivery programme and extends this with special projects to include the refurbishment project, self-employment provision and multi-media impact reporting. 

If you have an unwanted laptop that could be reconditioned and donated to someone in need, please contact me for more information.

Being able to improve the outcomes and opportunities for people in our local community is extremely rewarding. I work with a fantastic team, together we improve the lives of hundreds or individuals across Devon and Somerset.

I studied music at the Academy of Music and Sound and was a professional musician for a number or years. After a shoulder injury I focused my efforts on the IT sector, becoming an IT manager for a charity before moving to Cosmic in 2017.