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Our Team

Emma Stannard

Positive People Project Administrator

Emma is the Administrator for Positive People Devon. She ensures that customer files are up to date which supports the team to provide participants with the most effective plans.

Emma supports the team with all their administration so that they can spend more of their time out and about helping people which, in turn, increases the amount of people we can help. Emma keeps on top of all the tracking so the team knows what they’re doing, who they are doing it with and where they need to be. Emma also makes sure all equipment is in place and ready to go for any events that are done, which saves the team so much time. She previously managed a restaurant which involved staff management, organising venues, negotiating with suppliers and compiling reports.

Emma likes to spend time with her friends and family. She loves to dance to all kind of music. She has an interest in phenomenal weather occurrences. Her favourite films are ‘Twister’, ‘GEOSTORM’ and ‘Into the Storm’ and she hopes to visit Tornado Alley in America one season, while she is in the USA visiting her mother in Florida. Emma loves all things Disney and enjoys watching all the movies with her daughter Angelica.