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HR Manager

As the Human Resources Manager at Cosmic I get to work on all things people related. It’s a very diverse role from recruitment through to training and development and talent management which means that every day is different.

It’s great to be part of an organisation that has such a strong belief in social impact and responsibility alongside people that are so committed and passionate about sharing their digital knowledge to enhance the lives of others.

I started life in retail operations but quickly switched across to HR and have worked with many organisations over the last 30 years leading HR teams and supporting businesses in retail, logistics and healthcare and I also ran my own business as an interim HR Consultant, all in the South East.

I moved to the South West for a change of lifestyle and to build a home out of some old redundant farm buildings which I soon leaned is a never-ending project! However, when I am not working on the house, I love working on my garden in the company of my dogs, cat and small flock of chickens and enjoying the company of my friends and family.