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Digital Skills Advisor

I'm a Digital Skills Advisor on Positive People Devon, so my role is all about skilling others up digitally from the basic everyday skills we take for granted, such as turning an iPad on, right through to learning the latest productivity tools that will help them in the work world!

I love taking people through that progression of needing and wanting something, but not really knowing what it is. Seeing their faces when they get there is something out of this world and very satisfying.

Before I came to Cosmic I'd been working in customer service roles for major telecommunications providers. As I love to teach, I was often employed in floor walking and supervisory support roles to help other agents improve.

I love snowboarding, but I apparently love getting injured more. So far, on the slopes, I have broken a finger, broken 2 ribs, concussed myself twice (once when I crashed helmet first into a tree), and torn the meniscus in my knee!