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Our Team

Vicky Moss-Crump

Positive People Project Manager - Devon

Vicky is a Cosmic veteran, having worked on a number of different internal and external projects over her 5 years with the company. Her current role is Project Manager on the Positive People project for Devon, which focuses on supporting those furthest from the labour market. Her principle day-to-day tasks focus on expanding the reach of our work, hitting the project's targets and supporting the wider Devon project team. 

Vicky is a qualified AGILE practitioner, giving her a wealth of knowledge and experience, and she is extremely adaptable, able to see gaps in projects no one else can and work towards improving them for the betterment of the participants.

Vicky's claim to fame is participating in the "Smash It or Save It" phone in game on Channel 4's Big Breakfast when she was 10 (she didn't win), and when she's not leaking us little facts like that, she enjoys drinking coffee (of which only Rob appears to have mastered how she likes it best) and kayaking down some rapids (or local canals).