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Digital Business Support for Farming Communities

Cosmic is a social enterprise and specialises in delivering digital skills training to small businesses, charitable organisations and the public sector across the South West region.

We have partnered with Business Information Point to provide digital and technology support for farming communities.

Our vision is to inspire people to achieve success in the Digital world. Digital inclusion is at the heart of all we do.

In a world where success relies on the ability to use digital technologies effectively, it is increasingly important that everyone has the support, skills and motivation to make the most of these resources.

Fully funded digital and technology support for farming communities

The Agricultural Transition means farmers and land managers face big changes and challenges over the coming years. In recognition of this, the Future Farming Resilience (FFR) project has been specifically designed and funded by DEFRA to support farmers through this transition period.

The new project can help farmers and land managers within the South West region to improve their digital skills, enabling them to have the confidence and ability to not only navigate the transition but to thrive. 

The project offers free information and specialist workshops, as well as 1:1 advice, support, and training to help build digital confidence and enable farmers to better manage the day-to-day running of their farms; whether it be making applications and requesting payments for Sustainable Farming Incentive agreements, submitting tax online to HMRC, or promoting a diversified farm using social media, Google, or paid online advertising.

The 1:1 sessions are delivered in a no-nonsense, practical and supportive manner, free of jargon!

Those eligible for this support must: 

  • be a farmer or land manager 
  • be located within the South West region (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and the Isles of Scilly) 
  • be a Basic Payment Scheme claimant  
  • have an SBI number

Cosmic will provide the following: 

  • Help on a one-to-one basis to identify digital technology needs from the very basics through to advanced skills 
  • Provide training from highly skilled practitioners who have years of experience and the proven ability to tackle Digital and technology challenges 
  • Support that is uniquely kind, friendly, and inspiring 
  • Grow your confidence and trust in technology in a safe and responsible way 
  • Increase your confidence, reduce isolation and improve digital literacy 

We can:

  • Provide fully funded business support programmes and one-off training sessions
  • Tailored workshops for a range of abilities
  • Help identify your digital need and enable you to progress with your ambitions
  • Support you in a uniquely kind, friendly and inspiring way
  • Provide training from highly skilled practitioners who have years of experience and the proven ability to tackle your Digital challenges
  • Support you, grow your confidence and trust in technology in a safe and responsible way
  • Increase your confidence, reduce isolation and improve digital inclusion.

Some of the topics we will be covering include:

First steps to getting online
For complete beginners with no experience of digital technology.

This is for participants who have no experience of digital technology and are starting from scratch in terms of getting online and using technology.

  • Develop an awareness of broadband connectivity
  • Learn the features to consider when choosing a laptop or smartphone
  • Gain a basic understanding of Microsoft 365 applications


Digital Technology for the farm business
For people who wish to expand upon their basic digital skills and improve their confidence

This workshop is for participants who are able to do the basics with digital technology but want to expand their knowledge and improve their confidence to assist with the day-to-day running of a farm. We will guide you through evaluating your connectivity, devices & software and demystifying the world of digital technology.


Starting Out, Digital for Diversification
Specifically tailored for those who are considering diversifying their farm

This workshop is for participants who are contemplating diversifying their farm, exploring the factors you need to consider, and the part digital will play in ensuring its success.


Digital Marketing Strategies for Diversified Farm Businesses
For farmers running a diversified business, and want to boost and improve their skills to aid business success

This would be for participants running a diversified farm business, whether a holiday let, selling their own products or running a farm shop. We would discuss all things digital marketing and strategies that will make your business perform better in the online world.


Our upcoming workshops would explore –

  • Search Engine Optimisation, Website Design & Navigation Tips
  • Online business listings
  • E-commerce best practice
  • Social Media & email marketing strategies
  • Paid campaigns

The goal is to boost your rankings, enhance your visibility, increase quality traffic to your website and ultimately convert quality leads into paying customers.

In addition to the training services we also offer website design, web marketing, digital consultancy and IT technical support.

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You can discover more about this Future Farming Resilience project here, and all of our other projects available here.


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