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Cosmic uses a range of policies in order to ensure that we act in all ways as an ethical, responsible and accessible business.

All staff, volunteers and directors at Cosmic work hard to ensure our policies and ethos are followed in all our work.

Full copies of policies are available on request, including:

  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Volunteering
  • Staffing
  • Sustainability
  • Ethical Policy

Cosmic is a social enterprise and our aim is to deliver 'triple-bottom-line' impact - financial and economic, social and environmental.

At Cosmic, we are highly committed to social enterprise as our business model and ensuring that all of our work embraces high ethical standards which are a part of our everyday work. We believe fully that every business needs to adopt this approach in its activities, services, communications and customer relationships. We believe that all business should be based on a strong moral code, driving forward through firm values, and of course contributing effectively to positive social impacts. Its only by doing business this way that we make our world a better place.

Cosmic is committed to a range of ethical approaches to our work. We always want to be aiming higher. The list below is indicative of our current practices and we are always happy to hear from customers, partners and visitors about ways in which we can improve further.

Trust, Honesty and Integrity – these are ‘watch-words’ at Cosmic. Every member of staff and every Board member understands that these values lie at the heart of our operations and therefore define our approach to our work. It’s by building trust and confidence in our work that we have achieved so much and will continue to strive forward on this basis.

Buying Services and Products – we will source as much as we can from local suppliers, and where this is limited we will aim to source from suppliers with identified ethical code of practice. We will seek to develop relationships with local suppliers so that they understand our needs and we can therefore increase their business potential in future.

Travel policies – staff and associates of Cosmic are encouraged to consider the impact and cost of journeys made as a part of their work and also in travelling to-and-from work. We encourage car-sharing, public transport and cycling whenever possible.

Recycling – we aim to recycle and reuse as much as we possibly can. All paper waste is recycled, along with tins, glass, cardboard and plastics. We recycle print cartridges both for our own benefit and for our customers where practical and marketing materials (such as exhibition banners) are recycled by partner companies. Redundant PCs, laptops and mobile devices are recycled either within the Cosmic team, or by donation to local organisations. We never send redundant IT equipment to land-fill, and as a last resort we will deconstruct equipment to component parts and recycle through partners.

Energy – We are developing our approach to a more effective use of energy and also seeking to purchase and use the most energy efficient IT equipment possible – both for our own use and for our clients.

Community is Key – in all our work Cosmic is keen to establish strong and meaningful links with the local community, individuals and organisations. It’s through this approach that we achieve so much in the way of local impact, and of course our contacts always have great ways to help us achieve our high ethical standards.