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Based in Devon, Cosmic is a Social Enterprise which specialises in digital skills training, digital consultancy, IT technical support and website development. 

Cosmic’s vision is to inspire people to achieve success in the Digital world. Digital inclusion is at the heart of all we do.

In a world where success relies on the ability to use digital technologies effectively, it is increasingly important that everyone has the support, skills and motivation to make the most of these resources. This can be as true for the leaders of business as it is for individuals seeking new employment, or for communities facing their own challenges.  

Digital Inclusion: for all ages and abilities

For leaders, being Digital means making bigger and better decisions about future plans for impact, growth and productivity. Whereas, for people looking to progress their career or get on the job ladder, it can be the key to success. For people of all ages whose physical, mental or social situation has left them vulnerable or isolated, it can be the life-line and social glue that they need to progress.

We deliver solutions to your Digital challenges

Cosmic provides an innovative range of services and support to help people identify their Digital need and to progress with their ambitions. We do this in a uniquely kind, friendly and inspiring way. Our business is led and delivered by highly skilled practitioners who have years of experience and the proven ability to tackle your Digital challenges. We support people and businesses to grow their confidence and trust in technology, ensuring they do so in a safe and responsible way, whilst understanding the importance of privacy and security.

The advantages to be gained in Digital rely on having the right motivation, support and training delivered by a trusted and ethical partner.

Cosmic is that perfect partner. Digital, smart, ethical.

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Meet the people who work hard to deliver meaningful social impact in a sustainable way. 

From technicians and developers, to trainers and consultants, we have a wide range of skills and experiences. 

We deliver our work following five core values

These five values enable us to provide our customers with the best possible service, extending our knowledge and expertise on to others. In everything we do, we aim to be:

  • Inspirational 
  • Ethical 
  • Friendly 
  • Supportive 
  • Innovative 

Social Enterprise

People, Planet and Prosperity
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We work to achieve social impact and improve people's lives. Our reason for existence is to support People, protect the Planet, and drive Prosperity within our communities. We reinvest our profits back into our services to help achieve this. 

Meeting room discussions

Cosmic is a friendly values driven organisation, which delivers a full range of digital services across the region

With a Board of Directors elected by Cosmic Members