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IT Manager

I manage our Tech Support service here at Cosmic, working closely with our schools, charities and small business clients to ensure they are able to fully exploit the digital services available to them. I work with a team of exceptional technicians whose technical knowledge and experience provides essential support to our Tech clients.

Narrowing that digital divide and eliminating fear is my passion. Seeing the excitement and at times, relief on the faces of our clients when introducing them to a solution that enhances productivity, or simply makes their lives easier. Each new project an organisation embarks on is journey, and it's amazing to be invited along on that journey and see those organisations flourish.

My background has always been in Tech; from my roots in IBM in the early 2000's supporting multinational financial institutions, to my move into the Education sector supporting a federation of schools in rural Devon. Technology advances at lighting speed and my role has always been to help people adapt to those changes with confidence.

I'm a bit of a closet extrovert packaged up in an introvert's body! A great way to express this over the years has been in live theatre; that rush of adrenaline that comes from stepping out in front of an expectant audience is truly addictive and spills out into my work with Cosmic.