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Social Enterprise

Cosmic is a registered Social Enterprise company.

Cosmic has always worked with the ambition to achieve social impact as a result of our work, services and employment models. Being able to effectively balance the delivery of top quality, market-led services in a fully professional and commercial way has led to us being able to also develop our own re-investment programmes to utilise profits in achieving our social aims. 

Leading the way in Social Enterprise

Many times over the years, Cosmic has been identified as an exemplar of social enterprise and our impact has been recognised multiple times with awards nationally and regionally. We have also been able to influence and advise on policy development in the interests of wider social impact, and we have supported hundreds of other social enterprises in their development and successes.   

A commitment to the underlying values

As a Social Enterprise Mark holder we are committed to ensuring that we meet the criteria laid down, and each year we submit a return as evidence of our ongoing achievement of the standards set. 

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Fundamentally important to this model of business, is the fact that we have no shareholders and we do not distribute profit. Instead 100% of our surplus achieved is reinvested in social impact projects. 

Looking ahead, our strategic plans for the future are reviewed regularly to ensure that social impact remains our core objective, and that strategic objectives are tested against the evidence we can source to demonstrate key areas of social need.