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Exmouth Ring & Ride

Exmouth Ring & Ride are an existing client of ours who already had a website hosted with us. The initial site was built using one of the first content management systems we started using at Cosmic called; CMS Made Simple. While technology continuously upgrades and evolves, we were informed that this CMS was coming to an end of life. Therefore we needed to move our client onto a new content management system.

We then set up a phone call whereby we went through the options and the most cost-effective way forward; we discussed two options. Option one; moving to the new content management system (WordPress) but keeping the same design as the original website. The other option was to have a templated WordPress website; we showed them a few examples of our templated site. They liked the more modern design that the templated site allowed them to have and ended up moving forward with this option.

Once it was all confirmed, we started getting the site set up and ready for the content input. Once everything was complete, we seamlessly transferred the websites over. The new website clearly shows what the organisation is about, what audience they are aiming for, and how people can use their services.

Click on the following link to view the website: https://www.exmouthringandride.org.uk/