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Holsworthy Memorial Hall

Holsworthy Memorial Hall operates as the community centre for Holsworthy. The Hall can be used for coffee mornings, fitness classes and lunch clubs. The building also provides the office 
base for Pick Me Up (Holsworthy Rural Community Transport) and the Visitor Information Centre (Ruby Country Partnership).

A small band of dedicated volunteer trustees manage the hall on behalf of the community, supported by a caretaker, and bookings clerk/bookkeeper. All Trustees, employees and contractors 
are committed to providing a well looked after community space for those in need of a venue to hold their events at an affordable price. The Hall is run on a not-for-profit basis – any surplus is ploughed back into the facilities or ringfenced for future improvements or liabilities.

While Holsworthy Memorial Hall were looking for funding for their website, they were originally using their Facebook page to keep the community updated. They were looking for a fairly basic start up website to display information about the community hall. It was requested that the site is easy to use and included a section on how to book, and also to show What’s On.

We initially had a meeting with them to generate a sitemap and to have a discussion so we could fully understand their needs. Afterwards we wrote them up a quote and they signed for a bespoke website along with training. We went through the normal 2 homepage design process, then signed off on one of them and created all the internal designs from this. Once this was developed we added all required content, delivered a training session and the website went live on 14/02/23.

The website was developed using popular content management system WordPress. This allows for vast flexibility for the client, giving them the ability to add an unlimited number of new pages, news articles, blog posts and more. The website works seamlessly on mobile and tablet devices as well as on desktop computers and laptops.

Take a look at the website by going to: