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Torridge CVS

Torridge CVS had a website that was dated and ready for a revamp. They wanted to be able to create a website that all different types of people from all walks of life could understand and enjoy. The old website had a lot of information on it, so we have tried to cut down on some of the text to make it more user friendly and easier to read.

With the new website, we made it more aesthetically pleasing and colourful to draw in the user.  

The new website will help increase their online presence; it will allow them to use their website as a platform to reach out to a wider variety of people, which will result in getting more people involved in projects or volunteering in the Torridge area.

The new website has features like an online map directory, which will allow them to add other projects, and information about them, to a map that will make it easier for people to find them. It also has a news and events section so they can post up to date news articles to keep everyone informed and let people know of any events that are coming up near them.

Cosmic also delivered a training session on how to use the new website which gave the client the skills and confidence to manage the daily updating of their new website.

You can visit the new website by going to