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Wren Music

Wren Music is one of England’s leading community folk arts organisations. They help build communities with music.

Wren Music came to Cosmic out of the Digital Leadership programme and realised that the old website had become, over time, a difficult site to use. It had organically been added on to and as a result only regular users could find their way to certain information from memory.

Cosmic designed a vibrant and clear website, which includes large visuals and clear calls to action throughout the site, with an on-brand colour scheme. The use of colour and photography make the site very inviting, capturing the fun and music. With a broad range of information, the site needed to be clearly structured and displayed.

The site is a Wordpress CMS based project and has allowed for Community Calendar of events and extra development to include google map integration and an online WooCommerce ecommerce shop. We have also linked out to the Teachable platform where Wren can deliver online education. This came out of the pandemic and the need to quickly maintain Wren and its services. A conversation with Cosmic resulted in setting up of Teachable and finding the benefits of that platform.

Emily Wallinder, Promotions and Operations Officer, said “We are so happy with the final design of our website - it looks fantastic! The training we received means we are confident to keep the website content updated ourselves, and know the team are on hand to update anything more technical.”

You can visit this site by going to https://www.wrenmusic.co.uk/.