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Senior Digital Trainer / Consultant

Jack is a Digital Skills Trainer at Cosmic.

He helps those who are digitally excluded to become more confident with IT, working towards Cosmic’s aim to help people overcome challenges and barriers around IT. Jack supports these people by running workshops and tailored 1:1 sessions that cater for all needs, from turning on a computer for the first time to setting up an online business. Through his hard work, Jack  has helped his clients to reach their goals and achieve success in pursuing their career.

During this time he has gained extensive experience training groups and individuals to use technology. On top of this, he has carried out a great deal of specialised work in videography and photography. During his first year at Cosmic, he completed an apprenticeship that equipped him with all the fantastic knowledge and expertise he is now able to share with others.

Outside of work, Jack is also involved in his own projects at home: renovating classic cars and making them as good as new. Now he does all this with his new little family member by his side: Poppy the Puppy, who likes to get into mischief but has such adorable puppy eyes that Jack can never get mad at her!