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Our Vision

To inspire people to achieve success in the digital world
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Digital inclusion is at the heart of all we do

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In a world where success relies on the ability to use digital technologies effectively, it is increasingly important that everyone has the support, skills and motivation to make the most of these resources. 
Cosmic provide an innovative range of services and support to help people identify their Digital needs and to progress with their ambitions.

Cosmic is a social enterprise offering digital skills training and services to a wide range of organisations, communities and individuals.

Digital Skills

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Cosmic supports people, businesses and communities to grow their confidence and trust in technology, giving them the skills to succeed.

Web Design

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We design and develop high-quality, stylish websites for businesses, non-profits, individuals and schools.

Tech Support

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Cosmic's technicians provide much needed IT technical support to businesses, schools, care homes, community centres and charities.

Social Impact Report 2021

This document captures the broad depth and range of work that Cosmic have delivered around the South West over the last year.
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