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Julie Hawker is appointed industry lead for the South West by Future Dot Now

Addressing the Digital Skills Gap in the South West - a message from Julie Hawker, CEO

I am thrilled to announce that I am now acting as the Industry Lead for the South West with Future Dot Now, an initiative close to my heart that aims to promote and raise awareness of Essential Digital Skills (EDS). This role allows me to leverage my passion for digital inclusion and my extensive experience in the sector to inspire and encourage action across our region.

As the Chief Executive at Cosmic, I have been at the forefront of developing and delivering digital skills and inclusion initiatives across the South West for over 27 years. Cosmic's commitment to social impact and collaboration has led to numerous national and regional strategic partnerships, helping to drive our mission forward. Our work has always focused on ensuring the highest quality services while keeping social objectives at the forefront for businesses, community organisations, and individuals alike.

In my new role with Future Dot Now, I will continue to advocate for Essential Digital Skills, which are critical in today's digital age. These skills empower individuals and organisations to thrive in a rapidly changing world. By raising awareness and highlighting the importance of EDS, I aim to inspire our community to take action and invest in their digital futures.

My journey in digital inclusion extends beyond my work at Cosmic. As a Board member at the Good Things Foundation and a supporter of Future Dot Now's workforce essential digital skills initiatives, I have always been passionate about bridging the digital divide. Ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from digital technologies is a mission I hold dear.

Through my consultancy work at Cosmic, I have planned and deployed digital transformation projects for a wide range of clients, including businesses of all sizes, charities, and public sector organisations. My experience has provided me with valuable insights into the role digital technologies play in successful planning and execution, which I am eager to share in my new capacity with Future Dot Now.

Future Dot Now’s mission is to tackle the digital skills gap that is hidden in plain sight within UK businesses. By coordinating industry action and empowering businesses to take action, they are helping to prepare the workforce for a digital future.

In the South West, I will be encouraging local authorities, as well as major employers, to identify and leverage digital initiatives. Our goal is to create a cohesive strategy that aligns with the national change programme, ensuring that our region is at the forefront of digital innovation and inclusion.

In my new role with Future Dot Now, I am committed to making a significant impact on digital inclusion in the South West. By raising awareness of Essential Digital Skills, inspiring action, and working as part of the national change programme, I look forward to helping our region embrace the digital future.

I would also like to encourage local organisations and communities to sign up to the Future Dot Now Charter as a tangible indicator of their engagement and commitment to closing the workforce digital skill gap. Read more about this and who has already signed: https://futuredotnow.uk/charter/#:~:text=The%20Charter%20breaks%20organisations%20out,of%20a%20national%20change%20programme.

Julie Hawker

Chief Executive at COSMIC
Industry Lead for the South West, Future Dot Now