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Building the Confidence and Digital Skills for success

At Cosmic, we believe that digital inclusion is essential for everyone to have equal access to digital technologies and opportunities. Unfortunately, this can be particularly challenging for individuals with complex needs or vulnerabilities who are wanting to return to work. In partnership with Seetec Pluss, the team here at Cosmic, we have been making significant impact by providing support and resources to those who need it most.  

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Simon on the Restart programme whose life took an unexpected turn when an accident left him unable to work. After recovering, he wanted to re-enter employment but faced a significant hurdle—his lack of digital skills. Simon struggled with an outdated computer and lacked confidence in using the internet for job searches. 

Having assessed Simon's needs, Seetec Pluss gave him a new Chromebook laptop to support his job search and digital training. Adjusting to the new device was challenging, but thankfully he was able to work with the digital trainers at Cosmic who offered face-to-face sessions to help him learn, grow in confidence and adapt.  

Simon attended one-on-one sessions and group workshops, enhancing his understanding of online safety and Microsoft 365 applications, which have become a key skill to have when applying for work. Another vital tool he has learnt is how to use accessibility settings on his Chromebook, which has helped with his eye condition. With improved digital skills and confidence, Simon began his job search.  

Simon's transformation is just one example of the positive outcomes achieved through programmes like the Restart Scheme. So far, with Cosmic’s help, 865 participants completed the program, with 291 securing employment, whilst in the Work and Health Programme 59 participants have completed with 33 now employed.  

Feedback from participants who have received training from Cosmic has been excellent. In fact, 99% of participants rated the Cosmic training as good or outstanding which is a remarkable achievement for the team. Matt Whitworth, Restart Manager, said, "Cosmic can be really proud of the impact our team of trainers and support staff have had on the participants we have worked with. Digital skills in the workplace continue to be essential for job seekers and it has been a privilege to help so many people to Restart their working lives." 

By supporting individuals with complex needs and those in disadvantaged areas, Cosmic and its partner organisations can keep enabling participants to overcome barriers and regain confidence. As we strive for a more inclusive society, it is vital to support and expand such initiatives, ensuring that everyone can thrive in the digital age.  

Learn more about Cosmic and the many projects we are involved in. You might be eligible for the same support we have provided to Simon and the countless others we work with.