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Clean Green Growth: Work From Home week

Like any organisation, we need to be conscious of our environmental impact, and this issue has really struck a chord with the team here at Cosmic in recent months. With lots of careful planning and preparing, we are taking actions to reduce how much of an impact we have.

The first item on our ‘Green’ Agenda is to reduce the amount of driving we do. As a company we spend a lot of time on the road, whether that’s commuting to the office or visiting clients. However, for this current week we are trialling a ‘work-from-home’ system so staff can limit their driving by working remotely.

Cosmic’s Julie Hawker comments on the week so far:

Deciding to trial a work-from-home week for all staff was the result of a passionate discussion at this year's Cosmic Team Day. The whole team came together in driving the need for our business to refocus and work much harder to improve our environmental impact.

Many initiatives are being discussed and developed over the coming months, but the level and extent of our dependence on cars for the majority of travel became a strong starting point.

All staff have been encouraged to work at home or remotely this week - when possible - and not make journeys to the office unnecessarily. This doesn't mean that our offices have been abandoned for the week; staff are in-and-out taking meetings with clients and holding appointments. But we really have challenged ourselves to conduct most internal and external meetings via Skype and Microsoft Teams, encouraging staff, clients and partners to consider their use of Digital as a means of reducing travel and carbon emissions.

This is a start of an ongoing process for Cosmic, as we make a commitment to reduce and minimise our impact upon the environment. We are tackling this issue from all angles, and we welcome friendly advice and guidance from our customers and partners in how else this can be achieved.