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Coping with change. Is your website up to it?

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Change, change, change. It’s pretty hard to keep up with isn’t it. Yet, it is not just the world of Coronavirus that throws unexpected obstacles in our way. Snow storms and other major weather events can cause disruption to travel and business plans. Brexit, general elections, public protests. The list goes on.  

But what has all of this got to do with your website?  

Well depending on the nature of the incident, you may suddenly find yourself needing to communicate with your audience. You may need to issue an “Emergency Closure” notice. Perhaps you want to add a new “Now offering take-aways” section, or guidance on a change to processes and procedures.  

We are learning that change can occur without warning, forcing us to react in an instant. But even if we don’t know when change will occur, we at least know with certainty that it will happen. This means that we can be prepared, taking steps to develop the necessary resources that allow organisations to react instantly – maintaining efficient operations and keeping up appearances.  

The beauty of a well-built website is that the Content Management System (CMS) should allow you to switch ready-made pages on and off at a mere click of a button. Putting the effort in now to develop those pages and features in advance will pay off when the time comes.  

For many of our customers, a certain event, codenamed “Operation London Bridge” will be of particular importance. The passing of our Queen will be a solemn occasion, but it will also come with a need to respond rapidly with constitutional changes to websites. This is likely to be particularly relevant to local authorities and other public bodies.   

So, whilst there is never really a perfect time to do these things, being prepared for change will stand you in good stead for when the moment comes. It’s always just around the corner.  

With these thoughts in mind, can you now imagine a need for new banner, page, or function to be added to your existing website? It doesn’t have to always be there… but it might be nice to know it’s there, waiting behind the scenes. 

Have a think about how your website may need to respond to certain events and changes, get in touch to see if we can help.