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Cosmic attend The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Event

At Cosmic we like to be on top of the latest digital technology. From updates to social media, new software that can improve our productivity and creative skills, and like the subject of this news piece - artificial intelligence.

Last week, Paul Turner, our IT Service Delivery Manager attended ‘The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence’, hosted by Agile Rabbit at the Exeter Phoenix.

The event was held in partnership with the University of Exeter with five world-leading experts from health, tech, philosophy, and academia discussing ethical questions that must be confronted. From driverless cars to dementia treatment, how can we ensure machines do the right thing? Will they inherit our own biases and unfairness?

Here’s Paul’s thoughts on the event itself!

“It was a truly fascinating talk exploring the ethical implications of AI on society, and topics such as the human bias present in the datasets used by AI in making decisions etc. By which 'rule book' should AI technologies be bound by? Who determines this? The company operating the AI, the church, data scientists, some currently non-existent regulatory body? To what extent do the corporations using AI technology maintain responsibility - both from an ethical and a legal perspective?

A friend and I spent hours debating the topics after the talk in a nearby pub - it was incredibly thought provoking!”

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