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Cosmic Laptop Refurb Project: Making a difference in Devon

Our Positive People team have recently launched a laptop donation and refurbishment scheme, aimed at helping people in Devon access the technology that they need. Every year, devices are being sent to landfill and recycling centres. But with a little know-how, they can usually be brought back to life and given a new home with someone who needs it most.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far! In the last few weeks, over 425 people have contacted us about donating. We already have 135 devices in our possession ready to go to local families, as well Positive People participants who are seeking training and employment.

People who are digitally excluded may be disconnected from their friends and family, as well as access to basic services. With schools shut again, others may be struggling to access home-learning for themselves and their children. With Digital Inclusion at the heart of all we do, we are trying to combat this with the donation of devices and the after support needed to ensure these devices can be used effectively.

We are therefore asking for donations of any functioning unwanted laptops you may have. (We will accept tablets and PCs too). We are looking for devices that as a minimum:

  • Power up (there are lights and or sounds when the power button is pressed)
  • Have a USB slot
  • Do not have any major cosmetic damage.

Don’t worry, we will conduct all the necessary steps to ensure any remaining data is properly destroyed, and the device is reset back to factory settings. Security and privacy are paramount.

To get involved and donate, read more on the Positive People website here.

(Blog updated 23/02/2021)