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How to Connect to a Zoom Session

You might be aware of online platforms like Teams and Zoom, ways of connecting to business colleagues and friends alike, but perhaps you’re a little unsure how to connect to a Zoom session.

If so, we’ve got a great little ‘how-to’ for this Tip Tuesday. Useful not just for our Training Sessions, which are run on Zoom, but also if you want to join other Zoom sessions in the future. Read on to find out how you can connect to an online session.

How to Connect to a Zoom Session

First things first, you will receive a unique Zoom link which starts: This is a link for yourself and others to access the online session. You will also receive a phone number and reference code, and you can of course access the meeting via phone, but you will only be able to join with audio.

Using the Zoom Link

When clicking on the Zoom link, it will open a browser window where it allows you to download and run the Zoom programme.

If it seems to be taking a long time to load, select the ‘Click Here’ button.


Enter your name and surname and select ‘Join Meeting’.


Your meeting host will approve your entry into the meeting session, and you will see the following screen:


Select to join with Computer Audio, and this will take you into the meeting session.


You will initially join on mute and video off, so no one will be able to hear or see you. You can unmute and switch on video using the buttons in the bottom left-hand side of the screen.


If you’re joining one of our Training Sessions, your trainer will then give you instructions on how your session will be run.

If you are unable to hear, you may be having one of the following issues:

  • Using a desktop? You may need external speakers, or use headphones.
  • Turn the speakers on/up.
  • If neither of those things help, you can use the phone number and reference code to access the ‘Audio Only’ of the session.
  • Or, you can restart your computer to see if that will help.

Useful Zoom Actions

Mute - toggles on/off, use this for when the presenter is speaking - it means everyone doesn't hear your background noise. 

Video on/video off - if you don't have much broadband, then switch your video off. If you still don't have enough broadband, then dial the number in the invite.

Arrow next to video on/off - Set background (optional) - this can hide the background and be a bit of fun!

Participants - click on this to see who is on the call and to virtually raise or lower your hand!

Share screen - You can share your screen with the whole call. (Sometimes this option will be turned off by the meeting host).

Chat - Click on Chat and you can see a new box appear on the right-hand side. This is where you can ask questions when you are on mute or share ideas and thoughts.