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Making the Most of Working at Home - Virtualise your Networks  

During this critical time, many people are having to adjust to a new way of life and a new way of working. We’ve prepared a number of articles that might help you settle into the new routine over the coming days and weeks. Feel free to share them with your colleagues and friends.

Now is the time to develop your own capabilities in online business network and social channels; as well as becoming a leader in inspiring and supporting others to do the same. We have listed below our Top Tips for Networking whilst homeworking.  

Whilst none of us would have possibly wished that the move towards digital communications had to happen in the way it has, or indeed with the speed it has. We can maximise the current experiences in a very positive way and build our connections and online collaboration with a new sense of just how essential it is to keep in touch. We have listed below our Top Tips for Networking whilst homeworking. 

  • Be a leader in your own business network - encourage others to do more online/digital comms 

  • Put pressure on leaders to hold meetings virtually in the interests of saving time/money/planet 

  • Be ready to support others to learn good practice and protocols in online meetings 

  • Set an example in the meetings – be prepared with high quality slides, notes on what to say and be ready to answer questions. 

  • Remember, you’ve met all those people at lunches and breakfast events over the years; they’re going through these new challenges at the same time. Now is the PERFECT time to reengage with them. Dig our their business card, or find them on LinkedIn, and see how they are getting on.  

If you have any more tips and tricks, tweet us @Cosmic_UK, or use the hashtag: #keepSWworking.