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New Features for Social Media 2022

Are you using these new social media features?

In the world of social media, things move fast. We start using one channel, then another pops up showcasing more ways to communicate – instant messaging, photography, video. There’s always something new on the horizon, and certainly it’s important as a business to be aware of new features and how they can be used to engage with your followers and customers.

Here’s some new features for a few of the Social Channels we use, and details of what’s coming soon for them.

1. Twitter

  • Live Recordings

Maybe Twitter wants to cotton on to the idea of Podcasts, or maybe they’re just thinking about the rise of video and doing what they can to be included in this rise of live posts.

Now you can add live recordings to your Tweets! So, if you have something to say, rather than Tweet (and be limited to 140 characters), why not add live recordings?

This is only available in the App. Simply go into the ‘post a Tweet’ and at the bottom of the Tweet editing screen the first icon is where you can now click and hit record.

  • ‘Spaces’

Do you know about Twitter ‘Spaces’?

Twitter created ‘Spaces’ as a Community audio space, similar to Facebook Live Audio, Clubhouse, and Discord Stage Channels, where you can talk with hundreds of other people on topics and important news.

When going on the App, you’ll see 5 icons at the bottom of the screen, with the middle one looking a bit like a recording/microphone symbol. Click there and you can join a ‘Space’ or create your own.


  • ‘Notes’

Twitter have launched a new part of the platform to a select group of writers, called Notes.

Notes will provide a space for writing long-form content which can then be shared in Twitter.

While this is not available to all yet (it’s only being trialled right now), watch this space!

In the meantime, you can read more here.

2. Facebook

  • Reels

Just like Instagram, Facebook offers the creation of Reels!

The Reels can be between 15 seconds to 60 seconds, and you can set the Reel up with audio, effects, speed the filming up, and even set up a green screen with either a photo of your own or one of Facebook’s backgrounds behind your image.

You can select pictures from your camera role, select a music Reel, or take a live video.

Let’s see what else Facebook adds to Reels going forward!

  • Groups

You’ve probably noticed already that there’s Facebook Groups.

Going forward there’s going to be more buzz around Groups, and there is now a new dedicated space for Groups in the sidebar of the App, and more options for smaller discussions within Groups.

  • Audio Rooms

Originally launched last year to verified public figures, creators, and selected groups, now all Groups can create specific ‘Audio Rooms’. In essence it’s basically an audio chat with a large group of people, where you can chat about specific topics and news.


  • Bulletin

If you’ve heard of Substack, basically Facebook have created their own version. Bulletin (and Substack) is a subscription-based newsletter type of platform

The platform was built for independent writers looking to monetise their content and grow their own audience, independent of a publication.

Only select individuals have been given access so far to use the platform as part of Facebook/Meta’s beta program. Creators can either choose to share free content or set their own subscriptions fees. All payment transactions must go through Facebook Pay.

Watch out for more news on Bulletin going forward.

3. Instagram

  • Pinning

Like you can Pin a post to your Facebook page, you can now Pin up to 3 posts on your Instagram profile. So, if you want to focus on a particular type of content, tips, events, news or more, be it a Reel, Video, or Photo, you can pin a total of 3 types of posts to the top of your Instagram Profile Page.

Simply select the Post you like the best and go to the ‘three dots’ at the top of the post, and it’ll bring up the options to do a number of things, including ‘Pin to Your Profile’.

  • Focus on Video Content

With the rise in popularity of TikTok and Instagram’s now stating their future focus is on video content, short-form video is very much a trend in 2022 and will continue to be so.

Instagram Reels are now expanded to 1 minute but gone are the long-form Instagram videos.

  • Layout Change

Things have already been happening in terms of layout the last few months – you might have experienced photos and videos showing up on the Instagram App feed have expanded to fill up the full screen.

Though this is part of the ‘coming soon’ aspect of Instagram, it is important to note that quite a few people and companies are noticing that the layout for posts has changed from the standard 'square' to a more portrait size. This is currently being tested and we may see this change going forward for all.

While this may affect people’s Profile Pages especially with regards to design (and we are not able – yet – to change the photos and videos once posted), it should not affect the general Instagram Feed.

In essence – Instagram want to be more like TikTok and more mobile immersive.


  • Creators Marketplace

Instagram is testing Creators Marketplace. This feature will allow you to connect with brands for branded content partnerships, directly within the app.

  • Reels Update

There are plans to update Reels, where videos will be extended from 60 to 90 seconds. You’ll be able to import your own audio into your Reels, and emoji stickers, poll stickers and quizzes are being added, making Reels just as interactive as Stories are.


Yes, all these features and upcoming ideas from the different platforms are fantastic! But we can’t do everything. Our general tip is to focus on the platform you know is best for your business and invest in some time to understand the new features to determine if they’re useful.

Once you know the social media platforms that are best for you, you can then do a few tests over a month to see how these new features could work for you.

If they work, fantastic! Keep doing them if you have the time to focus on them!

Another lasting thought is that there are different audiences taking to different platforms for different types of content, so if you’re a new business it’s a good idea to invest some time in identifying your target audience and understand their current way of using social media before focusing on the Social Media platform further.

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