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Our Social Impact: Restart Supports Terry Lancaster

The Restart Scheme helps people build confidence, skills, and the ability to move back into work.

Terry was referred to Cosmic via the government's Restart Scheme for assistance with digital skills.

Terry was lacking in confidence not only in himself after being out of work for more than 6 months, but also because he had no digital skills to speak of. In addition, after being provided with a basic Smart phone, it then turned out to be faulty! How disruptive could that be, when trying to learn new skills? Enter stage left, a new phone, but this time with a faulty SIM! Issue number 2! However, Terry persevered and with his good nature conquered all and made considerable headway with his digital skills.

“Restart Trainers provide much more than digital support. They lift spirits when things aren't going your way. They listen and find solutions. They instill confidence and assist in dealing with digital things that can seem overwhelming. Just accessing the Universal Credit site to confirm commitments can be more than I could cope with at times, but I knew with Gloria's help, I would be successful.

“I used to come to the digital sessions with no confidence and I'd leave feeling uplifted and happy. There was a shift in my mood and this helped me ultimately to get my job in the Garden Department of a local retailer. Never in a million years would I have thought it possible until with the help of Restart and Cosmic, everything seemed possible.

Even though I'm in work now, I'm still continuing with Cosmic and my digital learning. In this day and time, it's crucial to have these skills.”

If you’d like to know more about our Restart Scheme, you can view the project here.