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Social and Environmental Impact Report 2023 Now Published

As we reflect on the year gone by, we're filled with gratitude and pride for what we've accomplished at Cosmic. Our 2023 Annual Report is out and it paints a picture of hard work, dedication, and transformative impact. 


-Digital Inclusion: With over 8060 digital inclusion hours, we've empowered 1661 individuals to bridge the digital divide and achieve personal and professional success.

- Sustainability Leadership: By saving 11,245 kg of CO2 and reducing 74,965 miles through virtual meetings, we're making strides towards our ambitious goal of net zero by 2030.

- Community Empowerment: Our Restart Programme has provided 4810 hours of personalised training and connected 1210 participants to essential job support services, paving the way for countless success stories like Mohammed and Peter.

- Business Transformation: From updating 132 websites to supporting 50 charities and CICs with tech solutions, we’re helping businesses and organisations thrive in the digital era.

💚 Together, we've built something remarkable. Our unwavering commitment to digital skills, sustainability, and community impact inspires us to keep pushing boundaries.

Join us as we celebrate these achievements and set our sights on even greater goals in the coming year. Discover the full report here