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This week for our Top Tip Tuesday we’re talking about social media and networking. The sites that are useful for whatever you need or want to share, learn, or explore.

Social media is a digital tool designed to help people interact with each other by sharing and consuming information. Social networking is the act of building relationships with people who share similar interests, backgrounds, or real-life connections. There are many different types of social media in use today, some categories and examples are:

Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are a Jack and Jill of all trades where photo’s videos, blog posts, comments and likes can all be shared with the users’ social network and the wider community.

Social Review

Trip advisor, Rated people and Trustpilot. These are designed to help inform users about a service like a hotel or tradesperson. You can review items on Trustpilot, as well as check out reviews of your favourite places to shop.

Image Sharing

Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Flickr. These are designed to share images that start a conversation. From sharing books to read to landscape photography, you’re sure to get inspired.

Video Hosting

YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope. These are similar to image sharing but using videos to showcase and start a conversation. You can also use these to learn skills and knowledge on anything from baking to arts and crafts.


Tumblr and Wordpress are the most common, but there are other sites like Blogger, Wix, Medium and Squarespace. If you have a topic you want to learn more about, or even write about yourself, these are great places to start.


Reddit, Quora, Ask FM. A great source of knowledge and discussion on a variety of topics.

Benefits of Social Media

  • Make new friends
  • Share ideas, hints and tips
  • Find old school friends
  • Connect with family
  • Express yourself
  • Raise local & national issues

To Stay Safe

  • Don’t reveal personal info
  • Guard your reputation
  • Be wary of scams
  • Use privacy settings properly
  • Look for the source of info
  • Avoid inappropriate content

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