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South West Community Chaplaincy (SWCC) are a Charity who work with adults in prison. They provide support in the run up to their release from prison, as well as in the crucial first days, weeks and months back in the community. 

Their work takes place across Cornwall, Devon and West Somerset where they work with men and women of 
all ages. SWCC help people overcome the challenges they face so they can make a fresh start and build a positive future for themselves and rebuild their lives in 
the community.

The Charity is run by 4 core members of staff, the Community Chaplains, and around 45 volunteer mentors. As the Charity grew, they realised they needed a more efficient way to provide support and resources for the volunteers, as well as an updated website that they could proudly show to potential donators. They secured a grant so they could build a new website and began looking into potential suppliers.

Cosmic, along with two other companies, were looked at in this process. SWCC chose Cosmic as they felt we really understood their needs. They wanted a new website that was modern and progressive, as well as a space for volunteers to access resources and support.

Cosmic worked closely with Cathy Jerrard and her colleagues to inform the structure, think about the user journeys and provide solutions to copywriting, SEO advice and image sourcing. We worked closely together at every stage and helped SWCC to understand the processes. We also assisted in migrating the organisation email infrastructure to Office 365 and offered advice and guidance along the way. 

The resulting website and organisational improvements have meant SWCC can now confidently show off their website, and the updated content has allowed for a more user-friendly experience for anyone researching 
the Charity.

The introduction of a ‘Volunteer Portal’ on the website also provides them with the connection to the volunteers that they needed. As volunteers are spread far and wide across the South West it can be difficult to provide the support in person, however with the new Portal it’s allowed them to stay in contact much easier.

The work SWCC does to support prison leavers is an important middle step between prison and getting back into the community, a better website has allowed for an improved provision for their beneficiaries. We’re proud to have supported such an important organisation.