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This week we’re talking Microsoft 365 and sharing some top features you might want to know about and should be using.

When you think of Microsoft 365, you might think of the likes of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, but there are several other powerful tools and features available, each one designed to make your life easier and more productive.

Here’s 7 great features included in Microsoft 365.

Smart searching with Smart Lookup

If you are working on a document and want to get a template or some information about something, use Smart Lookup to add that extra dimension.

In Word, you can locate Smart Search on the Reference Ribbon in the research group. If you are using Office 365 on a Mac, you can also utilize this feature from Smart Lookup, just like the Windows users.

With Office 365, you do not have to open another tab and search for the story’s meaning.

You can select the word, right-click on it and use the intelligent search feature to find the word’s meaning without leaving the document.


OneDrive is an integrated cloud storage space used to store electronic files, making syncing and sharing work documents easy and secure. With OneDrive for business, you can update, upload and sync documents through any device. You can work on the same documents with multiple colleagues simultaneously. You can control the document’s security when you share it to internal and external parties by setting the appropriate permissions. Users can modify or change content in real time based on the permission levels.

Microsoft Calendar Feature

Once upon a time, you had no choice but to schedule all your appointments through Outlook.

Many of us are victims of missed reminders or tasks on the to-do list that have disappeared among a sea of other tasks. Office 365 Calendar is a great feature to make sure this never happens again.

Chat with co-workers

Microsoft Teams is cloud-based collaboration software for teamwork that is part of the Office 365 suite of applications. Teams’ core competencies include business messaging, calling, video conferencing, and file sharing.

Teams allow you to quickly team up with people inside and outside your organization, chat with others to drive fast and inclusive conversations, share document co-authors safely, and repeat projects.

With Microsoft Teams, you can chat with co-workers 1-on-1 or in a group chat.


Planner is a task management tool created for teams to monitor productivity from anywhere, anytime. You can create projects, organise, assign and collaborate on tasks with your teammates. You can update task status, share files and access visual dashboards and allow email notifications to keep your team informed and updated.


A great feature where you can connect all your employees working across continents to share their opinions on company culture, share ideas, and keep them informed about news. Microsoft Yammer is included in your Microsoft 365, and with it you can easily bring your entire organisation together and enable social networking to build your team strengths.

With Yammer, your team lead can praise their co-workers on their achievements without having to share multiple emails across the organisation without having multiple email threads.


With Delve you can manage your office 365 profile and discover content to know more about what you and your colleagues are working on. It enables collaboration and allowing employees to find the right colleague and the content when needed. It shows users the most relevant content that they’re looking for. You can control permission levels so users will only see what they can access.

If you want to know more about Microsoft 365, check out all our upcoming workshops here that will guide you through the tools that you have at your fingertips and demonstrate the power of productivity available within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.