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Digital Leadership for SMEs 

01/04/23 - 31/12/24

The Digital Leadership programme is a transformative approach to leadership in this technology-driven era. It's about embracing the possibilities and challenges presented by the digital world and leading your organisation through the complex landscape of digital change.

The programme supports leaders to develop a vision for how technology can fundamentally reshape the way your organisation operates and competes. Leaders will learn to support a culture of innovation, encourage experimentation, and become adept at leveraging digital tools such as MS365 and CRM systems to improve productivity, enhance decision-making, and increase customer engagement.

In a rapidly evolving digital environment, the leaders that play a crucial role in driving digital adoption and transformation are the ones that will be prepared for the future.

The programme covers the following subject areas:

1. Develop your vision and strategy of your business in a digital world

2. Get up to speed on technology for your sector and learn how to apply it today

3. Learn how to support and improve digital skills and culture with your staff

4. Develop a plan of implementation for action

5. Gain feedback and support on your plan of action and next steps

Plus mentoring and support sessions with the course leaders to help you build your skills and plans.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, please fill in the enquiry form.

For more information, watch Lindsay explain what you'll gain from signing up.  


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Digital Leadership is led by Devon County Council; it is part of the Heart of the Southwest local growth deal funded Digital Skills Series and supported by the Heart of the Southwest LEP.  Devon County Council commissioned Cosmic, in March 2023 to deliver digital leadership training. 



Digital Leadership Project in the Southwest UK