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Workplace Digital Skills: Up to 10 people from the same organisation

01/12/23 - 31/12/24

Workplace Digital Skills is a core sector digital training programme led by Devon County Council and delivered by Cosmic, aiming to equip workforces with the digital skills necessary for success. Tailored training programmes cover a range of essential skills, ensuring employees and employers are prepared for the digital challenges of today and tomorrow.


The scheme is available to residents in Devon (including Plymouth and Torbay) and Somerset who are currently not working or those who are employed but want to upskill or who are considering a career change. 

Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Devon, Plymouth, Somerset and Torbay who employ less than 250 employees can also access this training for their employees. The programme is open to Small Medium Enterprises who want to upskill their workforce or individuals who are  either not currently in employment or who are employed but do not work in one of the following sectors 

  1. Health & Adult Social Care
  2. Creative Industries
  3. Clean Growth*
  4. Hospitality & Tourism

*Clean Growth refers to any business involved in adopting sustainable practices, complying with environmental regulations, investing in renewable energy and innovative technologies to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Tailored Training for Your Team: Choose from a variety of training options, including: 

  • Microsoft 365 Essentials – Embark on a transformative learning journey with our 'Microsoft 365 Essentials' course. This series is perfect for those looking to build a solid foundation in Microsoft 365 applications. This program ensures that all staff members can make the most of Microsoft's tools and apps. 
  • Microsoft 365 Champions –  Elevate your digital expertise with our 'M365 Digital Champions' workshop series. Tailored for those eager to become Microsoft 365 champions, this series offers a hands-on approach to mastering essential M365 tools.
  • Digital Marketing Essentials – This training covers the latest trends and techniques, allowing you to create effective and successful digital campaigns. 
  • Digital Strategies for a Greener Future - This course covers the basics of Net Zero and dives into how digital tools and green tactics can help.

Options to Suit Your Needs: Opt for a dedicated cohort from your organisation or nominate individuals for our open course. Our programme is designed to seamlessly integrate with your business operations. 

Why Invest in Workplace Digital Skills: In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, proficiency in workplace digital skills is no longer just advantageous; it's essential for staying competitive and efficient. 

Free Training Opportunity: To kickstart your digital journey, we're offering free training for up to 10 staff members. This customised training will boost your team's understanding and confidence in digital skills. 

Seize the Opportunity in 2024: Enhance your team's capabilities in the digital realm this year. Join us on this exciting journey towards digital excellence and equip your workforce with the skills necessary for success. 

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